ACH (Automated Clearing House) is an online check clearing system that allows casino players to transfer cash directly from their regular bank account into their online casino account. The system is also referred to as electronic checks. The system is regulated by the NACHA (formerly the National Automated Clearing House Association) operating rules and the Federal Reserve. This means that all transfers using ACH are completely safe and secure.

ACH is very simple and convenient to use and that is its draw for many people. ACH is essentially an online or electronic check system. It works in much the same way as paper checks do, however it is all carried out online, making it even more convenient. To use ACH, you simply need to fill in an online form that acts as the check. Most people have experience with writing checks, which makes this system familiar and convenient. You also do not need to own a credit card in order to use this online casino payment system which means that you will not be subject to credit checks before you can use it. This makes ACH ideal for those who do not hold credit cards or who prefer not to use them for online transactions. ACH transfers are generally free of any charges, as banks and other financial institutions do not charge for the use of ACH, but there may be some small fees from some of the casinos.

All casino payments done with ACH are transferred via a third party, such as eCheck, InstaDebit, Citadel or UseMyBank. The money is transferred in and out of check and savings accounts using the Federal Reserve Banking system. The transactions are completely secure. To initiate an ACH transfer you will need to visit the cashier section of the casino. There you will need to click on ACH as your payment option of choice. You must provide the casino with your name and address, the amount that you wish to transfer, your check or savings account number, a check number and an ABA or routing number. You will then need to fill in the online form that is provided to you. Once you have made your deposit with ACH, you can start playing at the online casino within minutes.

When using ACH as a deposit method, you are only able to transfer an amount that is available in your checking account. This makes it easier to control your bankroll and many players choose this method for that fact alone.

Another advantage of using ACH is that you can have your winnings deposited directly into your bank account of choice. In fact, ACH is used primarily for receiving withdrawals. Be aware that it can take up to eight working days for your money to clear when you receive money using ACH. If you need your funds immediately, then ACH may not be the online casino payment option for you. This differs to when you make deposits as then your money is available immediately.

Be aware that there are minimum trasfer amounts and maximum daily limits when you use ACH as a payment option. This varies between casinos and you must check this before you try to use ACH.