Instant Check


Instant checks are also referred to as e-checks (or electronic checks) and they are ways to fund your online casino account directly from your bank checking account. It is a payment method that has existed for US and European online casino players for many years. It is quick, simple and secure and its high level of convenience makes it a popular option for players to use to fund their online casino accounts and make withdrawals of their winnings.

Using an instant check is as simple as writing a check, except that it is done online. It is hassle free and does not even require signing up for. All you have to do is go to the cashiers section of your online casino and choose one of the instant check options. You will need to register your chosen bank account with your online casino. This means that you will need to provide your online casino with your name and address, bank account number and routing number. The online casino will also require some form of identity such as a driver's license number or social security number. This is done in order to protect you from fraud and the casino from NSF (non-sufficient funds) charges.

You can then deposit money into your casino account and you can also use this method to withdraw your winnings from your online casino account, directly into your bank account. You will most likely initially be limited to a certain number of times that you can use instant checks until you have built up a rapport with the online casino. It is common for players to be limited to two instant check transactions every forty eight hours until there is no difficulty with processing your checks.

Another advantage of using instant checks to fund your online casino account is that you do not pay any fees. Not only that, but if you begin playing at an online casino with instant checks you will often be eligible for an attractive sign-up bonus. Instant checks are an option that is available to United States citizens and they may be a good option to consider if the previous payment option that you were using is no longer available to US citizens. With the constantly changing laws regarding US citizens and online gambling payments, it is important to find an option that is available, especially since it is now common that credit cards will not be available for US citizens to use as a payment option. The accessibility of instant checks for US players has also seen its ups and downs, however it seems to be becoming a popular option once again, especially for the online casino's VIP customers.

Instant checks are safe and secure. Each check has a digital fingerprint and is encrypted, just like a paper check. This is to ensure that only you can use them and so you will be protected against fraud. They are tracked online in the same way that paper checks are tracked along a paper route.